Everyone deserves access to individualized literacy education.

Reading is complex and reading remediation must accommodate unique learning profiles. We are committed to bridging the gap between research and individual success. We are dedicated to both relying on current best practice as well as challenging the status-quo to help all Readers achieve their literacy goals. Society is better with confident and enabled readers who are empowered to pursue achievement in all areas. We help make dreaming possible.


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You’re not alone! Join our online community to hear how others have addressed reading challenges of their own or as an advocate on behalf of a loved one. We will host regular interviews with educators and experts and invite you to participate. Our team will jump in, writing individual responses to your questions, as well as address broad questions in our live Q&A sessions. Connect, engage, and join the conversation!


Why Online Reading Remediation

Logging In to Learn

Is the idea of accessing educational services online new to you? There are many advantages to participating in tutoring in a web-based environment. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is a logistical one. Accessing programming online reduces the demands of managing the commitments of daily life. Of course, convenience is not the only reason to explore online education options.


Fosters Independence

Students of all ages thrive in settings that make them feel comfortable. Almost all of us will rise to expectations when given the autonomy to do so. Something as simple as being in a familiar space can increase confidence and motivation when approaching a challenge. The feeling of taking control, getting settled, logging on, and engaging in activities independently can ripple positively to other areas of life and build success in multiple areas.


Provides Consistency

The ease of establishing a tutoring routine online lends itself to our unique Coaching program, allowing students to access support in their daily practice responsibilities as frequently as needed. This leads to more practice, more daily reinforcement, and more learning!


It’s Fun!

The most compelling reason for giving online learning a try is because kids like it! Our program uses an interactive web interface that’s highly adaptable and fun to use. We’ve taken care to build each aspect of the program to facilitate natural interaction as well as the productive use of available technology.



It was the golden nugget I was looking for! Not only is my son’s reading and writing improved, but his confidence has grown.

Kristy R.


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Free Reading Grade Evaluation


Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s reading? Put your mind at ease and schedule a free Reading Grade Evaluation. Currently available for K – 5.

We will test your child’s decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and auditory comprehension. Schedule your online appointment. It’s necessary for both a parent and the child to be present for the evaluation. For the evaluation, you will need a computer and an internet connection.

We look forward to helping you understand your child’s reading.



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